A neverending journey through art

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Jort and I'm a young artist from the Netherlands, working in various disciplines.


Over the years I've written for a scala of media outlets, ranging from lifestyle blogs to music magazines. I have reviewed music, written columns, raised awareness for (mental) health issues and conducted interviews with people about the music that shaped them. I also write poetry, with which I perform live every now and then.

As Studio Troj, I have worked for various magazines, blogs and record labels. My style of drawing is signified by a sense of playfulness, childlike wonder,  loose lines and bright colours. My aim is to be accessible and in an ideal world, Studio Troj merchandise would be widely available.


   I've also been exploring the world of collage art, trying my hands at various techniques and trying to fathom my vision into psychedelic, intriguing works of art. I try to incorporate these techniques into my other occupations, such as graphic design for clients.


From a very young age, I've always been messing about with all kinds of artistic and creative equipment. Back in middle school I used to write little stories and draw all sorts of characters whenever I could. My peers thought it inevitable that I would end up doing something in the creative field. I'm very happy to say they were not mistaken. Being able to express myself through art, whether it's in written form, in a drawing, in a collage, in a photograph or in a piece of music, is my way of leading a meaningful life. Art is what fuels me.